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MasterSystemic Facilitation and Intervening

The international Master program Systemic Facilitation and Intervening takes systemic facilitators and constellators to the next professional level. As a systemic professional, you are expected to be congruent in your facilitatorship (and leadership), your inner attitude, your actions and Master Systemic Facilitation and Intervening inactions. Facilitating people with their issues – both personal, organizational and social – demands the utmost of professionalism.

This master gives you the safe and brave space to develop yourself to your next level.

For whom?

This training is for organizational constellators, family constellators and other experienced systemic professionals who have made constellations and systemic interventions part of their profession and who are ready to deepen their knowledge and skills.

Goal of the training

After this master:

• you know what your task is in systemic work and who you work for ‘beyond’ your client
• you have clarified and deepened your inner attitude
• you have further sharpened your own instrument of systemic perception
• you have deepened your facilitation skills both as constellator and in the role of coach or facilitator
• you know how to prepare both yourself and the setting for systemic work including space for intervening
• you can intervene systemically, even without using constellations
• you can deal with trauma reactions in a constellation and/or with the client


The international Master Systemic Facilitation and Intervening is an intensive of seven days, divided into two subsequent modules of three days with a ‘free’ day in between.

The Master Systemic Facilitation and Intervening moves with the ‘Zeitgeist’ in which we live. We always work according to the latest insights. We include the starting point, experience and learning wishes of the participants in the final design of each course. The content can therefore deviate slightly from the following, so that we always connect well with what is and with what wants to unfold.

Module 1: Yourself as an instrument

‘Who am I as a systemic facilitator?’ is central in this module. As a facilitator or systemic professional you are your own instrument. The inner position from which you work has an enormous influence on the constellation and the interventions. With the help of exercises, you explore and refine your inner attitude and style of working.

Module 2: Intervening

In this module, we take you through various forms of constellation and interventions. How do you deal with the rapidly changing future? How can unprocessed history be very much triggered in it? How can you work with organizational- and personal trauma? Participants practice a lot and are coached on developing their own, solid style. You also learn to do ‘interventions on the spot’, without a constellation.

Guest clients are welcome in this module and we practice facilitating constellations.


The admission requirement is a basic constellation training of at least 15 training days and that you actively use systemic (constellation) skills in your professional work. If you completed this training at the Bert Hellinger Institute Netherlands you can enter this Master directly. If you completed your basic training(s) with other institutes, we need you to participate in an online training before the master starts. Please send us the details of your trainings and experience and we will contact you.

Meetings during Covid-19 pandemic

The Bert Hellinger Institute is doing everything it can to follow government guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as best as possible. We always work as much as possible in accordance with the latest known guidelines and possibilities. When Covid regulations do not allow to have this presential training, we will cancel it. If we are allowed to do the training, but you are not allowed to travel, we will refund you.

Practical information

This international Master is intended for systemic facilitators from outside the Netherlands who have had a thorough basic training and who regularly apply systemic work (whether or not using constellations) in their work.

Payment in installments is possible without additional costs. To plan regarding payment in installments, you can contact the administration via info@hellingerinstituut.nl.

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