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Training Online Systemic Work



Marion Latour


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11 januari 2021

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Training Online Systemic Work

Many people who have already been trained in systemic phenomenological work also want to work online and would first like to learn and experience more about the aspects of online systemic work.

And of course, it is also different from working physically in the same room with your client or the team! How exactly are things online? What is different, what different inner attitude is needed and how can I do it?

That is why we have designed this training; to learn and experience specifically in online systemic work and of course we this training is offered online.

In recent times, working online has accelerated enormously. Evolutionary force at work in bringing innovation!

In the past months, we have gained a lot of experience with online systemic work at the Bert Hellinger Institute Netherlands and have found out that it works well. Working online allows you to reach deep(er) layers where insights and movements arise.


More info:

For whom?

You are familiar with the systemic work, you are already trained as systemic coach or facilitator and/or you are in a training at this moment. It does not matter whether your expertise is in systemic work with constellations or more in systemic coaching. The essence is that you want to learn and experience about the specifics of online systemic phenomenological work.

During the training we will have 4 online sessions of 3 hours per session in which various topics and a number of methods to work online are explained and experienced. We also go into what it requires of your inner attitude as online constellator and / or systemic coach. You will be provided with various videos about the core of systemic work: the working of survival mechanisms, systemic principles and patterns.

After the 4 sessions, you will be offered a 5th online session about 5 weeks later. This 5th session will take 90 minutes and is about “development of the online craftsmanship”.

During this session you can share experiences and insights and ask your questions, of course we as BHI also share our latest insights and experiences about online systemic work with you.

During the entire training you have your own account with the virtual program SystemicVR with which you can do online constellations in 3D and with which you can also do systemic coaching.


Ingredients of the training:

• Working online, what exactly is that?

• Systemic phenomenological work, the essence

• Loyalty and disloyalty during online systemic work

• Systemic awareness online

• Inner attitude online

• Table constellations, constellations with different materials

• Constellations in the imagination

• SystemicVR, do virtual constellations in 3D (demo by trainer and practice yourself)



Session 1:

• Working online, differences with physical meeting in the same room

• How do you create a good setting

• Systemic phenomenological work, the essence

• Loyalty and disloyalty during online systemic work


Session 2:

• Perception during online systemic work

• Inner attitude online

• Own patterns & dynamics as a coach and / or supervisor that can get in the way while working online


Session 3:

• Different forms that can be used online

• Constellations with different physical materials

• Constellations in the imagination (can also be used for telephone coaching without images)

• 2D setup with digital tool (s)


Session 4:

• SystemicVR, virtual, 3D setups

Applications and exercises


5th session: “development of the online craftsmanship”

• Exchange experiences, successes, struggles and new insights

• Ask your questions


The total group consists of a maximum of 25 participants per training. We use Zoom during the online sessions. The personal access of the SystemicVR program will be activated for you 2 weeks before the start of the training, during the course of the training you will be able to use it (3 months).


Costs: € 495

Includes: 3 months use of the program: SystemicVR



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