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Stephan Hausner - The art of facilitation


Stephan Hausner

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  • 8075 RJ, Elspeet

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Amount of days

2 days

Start date

27 September 2022

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Stephan Hausner - The art of facilitation

Masterclass with Stephan Hausner

Like no other, Stephan brings a group of participants into a common deep philosophical field.  Often in such a way that insights about humanity, about "what is helping", about the real meaning of responsibility tumble over each other.  In addition, his way of facilitating constellations is an incredible learning experience in perception, every time again.  He teaches you to perceive what is moving in the field between the client, the constellation, the facilitator and the bystanders.

This masterclass is to nourish your own mastery: your mastery in perception, in facilitating constellations and it also deepens your ideas about what it is that helps and what your contribution to the whole can be.  In addition, you really see a master at work who exposes the movements towards healing.

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2 days

27 September 2022
Dag 1: 09:30 - 18:00Stephan HausnerElspeet
28 September 2022
Dag 2: 09:30 - 16:00Stephan HausnerElspeet

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