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Entering the Ancestral Field with Reverence, Dignity and Deep Embodiment: an Advanced Training opportunity for Systemic Facilitators


Tanja Meyburgh

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14 June 2023

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Entering the Ancestral Field with Reverence, Dignity and Deep Embodiment: an Advanced Training opportunity for Systemic Facilitators

When visitors arrive on the African continent they speak of the power they feel in the land when their feet touch the earth.  Many of the local people have a vibrancy, life force,  energy and deep embodiment that has been lost in western paradigms that privilege the mind, the intellect and academic knowledge.  Despite centuries of oppression and trauma of colonisation and Apartheid, there is something special about South Africa, its people, its multicultural possibilities. What have we already learnt and can highlight in the roots of systemic work that lie there?  What has the Western world lost and is seeking in these ancient ways?  

 You are invited to come and re-energise and re-source yourself and your life force in a creative and embodied exploration of the ancestral field.  You will receive tools for connecting with your own ancestors with reverence and dignity, and in a way that empowers you in your life and work. Sometimes serious, sometimes playful, and even humorous, you will feel the spirit of the deep learning that Tanja has received in her 20 years of pioneering and founding the African Constellations Training in South Africa.  


Bio Tanja Meyburgh

Tanja Meyburgh, counselling psychologist, founder of African Constellations and the primary pioneer of constellations work in South Africa since 2002, has taken 20 groups through a full two-year facilitator training. More recently, Tanja co-founded Ancestral Connections integrating dance and constellations, the REAL Academy, an online resource for Embodied and Ancestral Learning. Tanja has also presented at the international intensives in Germany, South Africa and Australasia, and accepted invitations to teach at conferences and workshops in Germany, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Netherlands, Portugal, Bali and the USA. She is also part of pioneering training in the Arabic World. 

 Tanja’s MA (Psych) in constructivist Narrative Therapy has had a big impact on how she works with diverse cultures and views power relations and marginalised voices and communities. She also has training and experience in wilderness therapy, art therapy, expressive movement and African traditional lineage wisdom. Tanja provides a creative and experiential learning space that brings a sense of soul and spirit in a psychologically grounded way. Her interest in self-growth, personal & collective ritual and embodiment supports her to hold a broad and deep container for clients’ personal and professional process. Her work is described by those who know her as gentle and incisive. Tanja lives in Cape Town with her two children.

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1 day

14 June 2023
Dag 1: 09:30 - 17:00Tanja MeyburghAmsterdam

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