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Timeless in the We: Boundaries and Space


Barbara Hoogenboom

  • Landgoed Zonheuvel
  • Amersfoortseweg 98
  • 3941 EP, Doorn

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11 May 2023

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Timeless in the We: Boundaries and Space

Boundaries provide both limitations and safe space. Do you know your limits? Do you feel the space within the boundaries? Do you use your limits, or do you go over them? Or do you (unconsciously) keep the boundaries closed, causing your development to stagnate?

In this workshop you explore what concerns and hinders you when it comes to boundaries.

 This workshop is intended for people who feel that the theme of 'boundaries and space' is important to them, even if you don't know exactly how yet. For people who are willing to investigate their limits, to guard them better or to shift them. These can be personal boundaries, but also those of your own company or job. For people who want to explore the limits of their development.

 The program is not an end in itself. Slowing down and dwelling on what is then will lead to the next step. Here is a selection of the possible ingredients for this workshop:

• theoretical reflections from a systemic perspective on the theme of 'boundaries and space'

• systemic exercises in which everyone can gain their own insights

• constellations based on personally submitted cases

• mindful walking in the beautiful nature

• explore beyond borders and space in pairs or threesomes

• own reflection time

 Barbara Hoogenboom lives on Texel, an island in the Netherlands. She discovered that she has found relaxation on islands all her life. Because an island offers natural boundaries.

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1 day

11 May 2023
Dag 1: 10:00 - 17:00Barbara HoogenboomDoorn

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