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Timeless in the We: Systemic work with Horses


Marion Latour

Jochen Beyer

  • De Stoeterij
  • Molenweg 9
  • 3941 PT, Doorn

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1 day

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10 May 2023

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Timeless in the We: Systemic work with Horses

Horses live in the here and now and live in the "we." In nature, a horse does not survive long as an individual. The survival rate of a herd of horses is many times greater. Thus, they have managed to survive on Earth for more than 65 million years.

 Horses have a very sensitive and highly developed sense of perception. They constantly invite us to be present and to be part of the whole. If, for whatever reason, you are wholly or partially drawn to your background, you lose your presence to be in the here and now. The horses will then immediately mirror what keeps you, so to speak, away from the here and now.

 During this workshop we will, on the basis of cases brought in by participants, follow the movements of the horse ourselves and we will make the connection to a systemic perspective. We will also use practical exercises to experience how horses mirror us and invite us to be in the here and now. You do not need any experience with horses to participate in this workshop.

 The workshop will take place in an indoor location in Doorn. Please make sure you have suitable clothing for working with the horses. The location is covered, but dress warmly and preferably wear boots.


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1 day

10 May 2023
Dag 1: 10:00 - 17:00Marion Latour, Jochen BeyerDoorn

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