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The Ancient Wisdom of our ancestors, nature and the land


Tanja Meyburgh

  • De Zeven Linden
  • Middelberterweg 13a
  • 9723 ET, Groningen

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1 day

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02 July 2024

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The Ancient Wisdom of our ancestors, nature and the land

Many ancient creation myths tell us that our bodies were created from the clay of the earth, our curves and crevices reflecting the lay of the land, and the cells of our blood and bones constituted by the soil. Land and body are our home, and yet we have been consistently disconnected from these deep bonds and a sense of belonging to where we have landed in this life.

In this one-day experiential workshop we will taste the connection to the old wisdom of our ancestors, nature and the land. Ancestors hold knowing through their deep bond with the laws of nature. We can remember the collective wisdom available to us, and build the faculties needed to reclaim the gifts and medicine of individual ancestors. Through movement, storytelling, imagination, ritual and constellation you will find a pathway to connect to your ancient roots and the larger ancestral field that supports our well-being.

Bio Tanja Meyburgh

Tanja has been facilitating family and systems constellations in South Africa and around the world since 2003.  She is the founder and training director of the African Constellations Institute, and co-founder of REAL Academy and Ancestral Connections.

Tanja is interested in both individual calling of the soul as well as our collective and communal healing and development. She integrates constellations, African lineage wisdom and embodiment to provide a creative and experiential learning space that offers a sense of soul and spirit in a psychologically grounded way. Her interest in self-growth, personal and collective ritual supports her to hold a broad and deep container for clients' personal and professional process. Her work is described by those who know her as gentle and incisive.

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1 day

02 July 2024
Dag 1: 09:30 - 17:00Tanja MeyburghGroningen

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