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Inner attitude as a facilitator or coach during online systemic work



Marion Latour


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26 May 2020

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Inner attitude as a facilitator or coach during online systemic work

Due to the crisis and the accompanying lockdown, we started to do much more online work, including systemic work. And of course: an online workshop misses the direct contact; absence of touch and some other limitations are evident. However: we noticed how well we can use our systemic antenna and perception through online connections. And even sometimes a deeper field may be opened then when we would meet all together in a seminar room. But what does it take for an inner attitude to do systemic work online? What is leading you? It seems other sources are being tapped and it asks a different inner attitude than if you do systemic work when participants or clients are physically in the room. During this workshop we will look and explore the inner attitude as a facilitator and coach during online systemic work. What is and isn't helping? What are valuable resources and resources you can use? From which inner place do you work and what sources can you use there? How do you connect with the whole and the parts in online systemic work? You will be reflecting or practicing in smaller groups. And, of course, there is (limited) time for Q&A. This workshop is for facilitators of constellations, systemic coaches and systemic workers. Those who want to explore more about the inner attitude during online systemic work. 


This workshop will be conducted by Marion Latour, trainer and systemic worker at the Bert Hellinger Institute.


There will be two modules of 1,5 hour  and between the 2 modules is half an hour break.

The language will be English.

May 26th:  2-3.30 and 4-5.30 PM  CET (Central European Time)

Costs: €45,-. We will send a Paypal payment request after you've subscribed. If you need an invoice, please let us know.

We will use the platform Zoom. A couple of days before the workshop you will receive some instructions about Zoom and the functions we might use during the workshop.

A couple of hours before we start you will receive the Zoom invitation and password. 

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1 Course day

26 May 2020
First day: 14:00 - 17:30Marion Latour

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