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Marion Latour


€ 95,-

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1 day

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19 October 2020

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Workshop Online Constellations

Constellations are also very well possible online. After a brief introduction to how systems work, constellations are done with the help of the SystemicVR program. It resembles a constellation that we also do physically in the same room, but now virtually and in 3D. The client can view the constellation from different positions and even through the eyes of the representatives.

Where possible and appropriate, the interventions will be explained aloud while supervising constellations. So many themes come up in a constellation that there is a good chance that already by experiencing the constellation of another, a process will start in yourself, in which clarification of your own (unconscious) questions arises and your systemic consciousness is stimulated.

More information

 After a workshop constellations, a process will continue for a while. Whether you have done a constellation yourself or attended constellations by others.

After this workshop:

• You will have new insights;

• Long-repressed history will be more seen and maybe even more acknowledged;

• You learn what the basis of your problem is;

• A new movement has been set in motion.

• You have become acquainted with the systemic perspective by participating in or witnessing cases of yourself and / or others


 For whom?

 The workshop is intended for people who want to increase their systemic awareness, want to experience an online constellation and / or for people who want to research a personal question or an organizational issue with a constellation. About 3 cases can be treated in this 4-hour workshop. 

We use Zoom during the online workshop and there is room for a maximum of 10 participants.

Timezone is Central European (CET)

Spoken language will be English

 Price: € 95

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All available places are currently taken, but please do subscribe to the waiting list. It is not uncommon for places to become available again.

1 Course day

19 October 2020
Dag 1: 02:00 - 06:00Marion Latour

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