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Online International Masterclass Inquiries in the Field of Collective Constellations



Diana Claire Douglas


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3 days

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08 November 2021

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Online International Masterclass Inquiries in the Field of Collective Constellations


The Bert Hellinger Institute hosts Diana Claire for a three-module online Master Class in Constellating for the Collective (Diana Claire's name for her work in Collective Constellations).

Collective Constellation Work is emerging in response to the changing and challenging complexities in the world today. Many facilitators, who have been doing Family and Organizational Constellations, are ready to expand their practices to include working in and with the collective. Developing her practice in this area for the last 8 years, Diana Claire will be sharing her way of facilitation in three online workshops. There will be opportunities for participants to explore and practice together.  



·      Explore big system questions 

·      Learn how to work in complex systems 

·      Access collective wisdom and intelligence  

·      Name additional skills needed to work in the collective 

·      Consider the cautions as Facilitator and as Representatives and Witnesses 

·      Develop a deeper awareness of your relationship with the Knowing Field 

·      Find your place in relation to big societal issues 


Diana Claire Douglas shares her unique approach in Whole Systems Design: Inquiries in the Knowing Field. This is a book about stories, conversations, and interviews, about ways to serve Life, to serve humanity, to serve the Whole, through a process that has been emerging through the author — Constellating for the Collective. To be published in Fall 2021. 



Facilitators of Organizational and/or Family constellations with an interest in exploring Collective Constellations – called by many names: Societal, Communal, City, Nature, Social Justice Constellations, Meta Constellations, and Constellations-in-larger-fields.  





Workshop 1   Experiencing Constellating for the Collective 

1-day workshop for participants to experience Constellating for the Collective as representatives, witnesses, and facilitators. 

·      Half day on the constellation experience 

·      Half day on training facilitators: questions and answers; small group experiences 


Workshop 2  

Representing in collective constellations 

3-hour workshop on Being and Facilitating Representatives in a Collective Constellation: What are the differences and similarities from facilitating Family and Organizational Constellations? Considerations and cautions necessary. 


Workshop 3   Deepening your relationship with the Knowing Field 

3-hour workshop on being in conscious relationship with the Knowing Field. What is the impact of how we think about and experience the Knowing Field, on how we facilitate — especially Collective Constellations? Learn about and participate in ongoing research (as part of the “Conscious Witness Project”) where Diana Claire and colleagues have been exploring: What is the relationship of the Knowing Field and the Quantum Field?   

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3 Course days

08 November 2021
2:30-10 pm CET: 02:30 - 10:00Diana Claire Douglas
22 November 2021
7-10 pm CET: 07:00 - 10:00Diana Claire Douglas
29 November 2021
7-10 pm CET: 07:00 - 10:00Diana Claire Douglas

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