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14 July 2021| Personal

More than fits

It’s been a year already. One year ago, Jan Jacob, the founder of the Bert Hellinger Institute, felt that he had reached his destiny within our institute. He’s been going his own way ever since. And we recently concluded together ‘it seems like a lot more has happened than you can fit in one year’. That is how it really feels. This feeling might not be entirely attributable to that one major change in our organization and mutual relationship, but also to everything that happens in, around and through us.

So much has moved, has developed, has transformed. We now feel we possess a whole new kind of freedom! We feel free to say goodbye to things that no longer fit, free to feel what is needed now, free to develop ourselves, the BHI and systemic work. There is flow. And if this flow continues, next year, we may again feel that more has happened than you can fit in one year. And that feels quite nice ?

Some recent developments are:

  • We have ‘reinvented’ our core training courses, for instance:
    • we no longer primarily focus on the system conscience, but rather on the interaction between the conscience and the evolutionary force;
    • you first get to dive into personal systemic development, even when selecting an organization-oriented training course;
    • courses have subsequently become a bit longer;
    • most courses also offer an online systemic module;
    • and for international courses: we do full training courses online now!
  • We choose to not do all the courses and workshops at our own locations (Groningen and Amsterdam), but you can now regularly find us in other places in the Netherlands. Those other locations are often close to where the trainer/supervisor lives, so that we can also take better care of ourselves!
  • We have been found by a wonderful new Master…the Master Systemic Facilitation and Intervening. We no longer separate facilitators of organizational and family constellations, or even those who actually work with constellations and those who facilitate systemic and other working methods. The first (Dutch) edition of this course was fully booked within days, and future editions are being scheduled. We are happy to announce an international version of this Master: Master Systemic Facilitation and Intervening.  You need to have completed the basic constellations training to be able to participate in this training.
  • We are vey happy to announce a revamped version of the international training System Dynamics in Organizations! It is a blended training with 10 online days (starting January 2022) and an intensive week training in The Netherlands in June 2022.
  • We enjoy working with leaders and determinants in the field ourselves, to contribute to the major changes you feel are underway. For example, we carried out a systemic research project this year into the potential of commons / citizens’ initiatives on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, and we are now working on making the insights accessible. We were also invited to visit companies and institutions where we carry out tailor-made interventions and training. We contribute to the program at Springtij Forum, a well-known annual program in the Netherlands attended by 800 participants from politics, government, business, knowledge institutes, students and social initiatives, who can meet up in an environment full of art, knowledge and nature. We have been invited to make a contribution to this program with our expertise in constellations and systemic work. How cool is that! If you like more information on Springtij, there is also an English version of their website:
  • We are involved in all kinds of great initiatives around Systemic Leadership, both at home and abroad.
  • And many of you know that we regularly travelled the world ‘pre-COVID’, to facilitate trainings and workshops abroad. Flying has been on hold for a while, but ‘the world’ still manages to find us. We provide online programs in Chile, Spain, Russia, Brazil, England and Romania, among others. And we travel to Belgium by car.
  • And last but not least: from September onwards, we will have a new colleague at the office: Zazet Delis. Together with Lisa Djasmadi, she will be available to answer your questions, provide information and help you register for activities.



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