The foundation of systemic phenomenological work

BHI in times of Corona

Dear people,

The effects of the Corona virus affect us all.
We adhere to government guidelines.
From mid-March we have temporarily postponed all ongoing training and workshops, or continue online.

With a distance of one and a half meters, we can, in addition to all the online options, still do enough systemic work!
Systemic consulting and coaching for teams (of up to three people), individual coaching on personal or work questions and systemic looking at relationship issues continues in both Groningen and Amsterdam.

Systemic coaching by phone has been a long-standing tool with results that exceed expectations every time.
And horses don’t have Corona, so systemic coaching with the help of horses is now an excellent way to investigate your questions unhindered by distance. And you can touch them!

We are happy to look systemically with you.

As soon as the guidelines allow, we will restart – with small groups in a large hall – with workshops and training.


also on behalf of all colleagues, Bibi, Sandra, Nine, Lisa, Alla, Mayna, Rudolf, Angelique, Annie, Yvonne, Marion, Maaike, Petra, Jochen, Marije, Mark, Siebke and Anton,

Barbara Hoogenboom

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