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Reactions and comments

Continuing next to each other…

After the initial announcement of the departure of Jan Jacob at the Bert Hellinger Institute Netherlands, we received many reactions from you, each of which we experienced as supportive and heart-warming.

Besides that, we could imagine that there are also among you who still have all kinds of question marks, or perhaps who even feel doubtful about our intentions. In that case, also feel free to express it to us.

Social Media:

– I applaud! Congratulations to you all. I admire the courage and this makes so much sense in some strange way. As a student of the Bert Hellinger Instituut you all, once again model so much integrity, grace and power. Thank you! The photo of this junction and you all sitting in it, looks full of energy and soulful connection. I can not wait to see what the upcoming future has in store . . .

– Thank you to the audacious founding efforts of the founders, so that we, the students, can come to learn your wisdom in a safe place.
Thank you to the communication team bringing this breaking news to the community. So that we do not feel left out of the constant changes. To the new leaders and the team, courage ! I trust my continuous learning in your hands. To Jan Jacob 💟💟💟, i vision a wild bird, big wingspan, spreading out, rising high, seeing far, soaring in freedom and dignity. Each step of your actions set new heights and bring new vision for humanity.
– All the best Jan Jacob!! blessings for your new steps.hope to see you again soon in person 🌟☘️

– Wow, what a big and exiting step for all of you. Wish you all the best on your new path/destination and love to meet you again there 🍀

– Good luck!!! Looking forward to see you spread your wings.

– Wishing you love, joy and wisdom wherever your futures lead you 💚


– Thank you for sharing the news.

I’m still touched by the fact that this kind of separation is also possible.
The email inspired me to explore more deeply about the ‘evolutionary force’.
Best wishes


– Bowing down and deeply acknowledging the courage to answer what the evolutionary force is calling forth from within you.

– Queridos   professores Stam, Bibi e Barbara,
Recebo este comunicado  com  amor por tudo que lhes pertence e  respeito  por  tudo que os guia.
Remeto a foto  da Ibituruna,  em Governador Valadares -Minas Gerais,  onde Stam quando se apresentou no nosso treinamento Organizacional, em São Paulo,  disse esta frase que tenho registrada no meu caderno de anotações.
Desejo sucesso! Que todos tenham asas para voar  e  que seus guardiões guiem seus  caminhos.

Abraços com amor e gratidão

  • Translation of reaction above:
    Dear teachers Stam, Bibi and Barbara,
    I receive this communication with love for everything that belongs to you and respect for everything that guides you.
    I’m sending you the photo of Ibituruna, in Governador Valadares -Minas Gerais, where Stam – when he presented himself at our Organizational Training, in São Paulo – said a phrase that I have recorded in my notebook.
    I wish success! May everyone have wings to fly and may their guardians guide their ways.

Hugs with love and gratitude


– Hello Bibi!
How are you?
I just read the BHIN newsletter and surprisingly enough I have all these feelings that I do not wish to keep to myself…
A bit if sadness, a lot of excitement, some curiosity and above all, my deep and full wishes that this decision brings for you an opportunity to take advantage, exploit and find a fully empowering and satisfying destiny, like you called it in the newsletter.

It is kind of exciting isn’t it? Bold choices and new beginnings?

Anyway, my main goal is to express my best wishes for you, Jan Jacob, the institute and all of those involved.
May you find happiness, fulfillment and lots of joy in this choice and all of the things that come with it.

Also receive a big hug from the bottom of my heart.

With love.



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