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In this platform we provide answers to questions that need a systemic perspective

Invitation to exchange

The Bert Hellinger Institute invites you to send in (your) questions that want to be ‘looked at’ from a systemic point of view. Inspired by our Spanish colleague Maria Carascal, who by means of ‘Lanza tu pregunta!’, gave people the opportunity to ask questions to her network from their – in Spain much stricter – lockdown situation, we offer the Bert Hellinger Institute exploration platform ‘ZOOMING-OUT’, for you to launch your questions.

Below we explain how it works. If you are curious about our systemic answers to questions from others, look directly at the responses. Do you have a question? Mail it to us.

When there is uncertainty about the environment or the future, there is need for something to hold on to.

Exchange with others

Exchange is the principle of development

In this lockdown time, the limitation of (physical) contact reduces all kinds of exchanges. And perhaps it increases the need for exchange.

When there is uncertainty about the environment, about the future, there is a need for something to hold on to. And in this time of crisis, there are about two things that are trying to provide guidance: government guidelines and our old patterns.

Exchange keeps us awake

Exchange with others keeps us awake; other people’s patterns start to scour against our own, and we remain in awareness and development. There are now many signals coming to us from outside, for example via television and social media, but the real exchange that leads to development is greatly reduced. With the risk that all kinds of inner thoughts that require exchange, will try to develop without exchange with others, like a broken record going around and around.

Stimulate and inspire

Patterns are conservative, not focused on innovation or change. Patterns tend to narrow your field of view. ZOOMING-OUT offers you the opportunity to share with us your thoughts and questions that concern you and that require some widening of perspective. To inspire and to stimulate yourself and others, to let the wider systemic perspective back in again. To continue to feed exchange and development.


Reactions and musings

Every day we give a systemic reaction to a question, or to a theme that emerges from the questions or musings from that week. Reactions to rub against your thoughts and patterns.

Trainers of the BHI

We?…We are the facilitators of the Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute. The reactions of our facilitators are diverse in form: one of them records a video as a response, the other writes a blog in response to a theme, occasionally a question will immediately receive a systemic answer, or perhaps a question will just provoke other questions for systemic reflection. And maybe a new systemic exercise will arise from that.


What is your question?

And your questions can also be very diverse: related to the many functions in the house during this lockdown, worries about your work, about not being able to visit your parents, about fear, or just your surprise about resignation, how to keep teams together when everyone works at home, about whether or not to dare to enjoy, how to deal with an unplanned future, how to deal with loss and grief, …

What not?

No predictions

We do not invite questions about what we think the crisis will bring. The simple answer to that I can give you right now:we don’t know. And it’s with this ‘not knowing’ that we have to deal.

Not always an answer

And, we can guarantee that we will not respond to all submitted questions! Send your question or musing (with your name) to us via the contact form below or by email to This can be a written message, a short video or an audio message.

We look forward to some exchange!

On behalf of the facilitators of the Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute,

Bibi Schreuder

Send your question or musing to us via the contact form below

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