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Systemic Interventions and Facilitatorship with horses


Marion Latour

Jochen Beyer

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  • 9461 TC, Gieten

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2 juni 2024

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Systemic Interventions and Facilitatorship with horses


The in-depth training in Systemic Interventions and Facilitatorship with horses is an intensive 6.5-day training. Whether you are planning to do your systemic work with the help of horses or (just) not, this training gives a great boost to your interventionship and facilitatorship in systemic work. This journey with yourself, the horses and nature will deepen and complement your role as a systemic facilitator and/or systemic coach.


Horses and their power in systemic work

Horses live in the here and now and live in the "we". In nature, a horse does not survive long as an individual. The survival rate of a herd of horses is many times greater. Thus, they have managed to survive on earth for more than 65 million years.

Horses have very sensitive and highly developed powers of observation. They look at each other, and at humans, as individuals and at the same time as links in the whole, in the collective.

Horses perceive exactly to what extent you can be present, in the here and now, what may be keeping you from being fully in the here and now and whether there is congruence between what is happening inside and what is being shown outside. In their behavior and movement, they provide information about this. As a systemic facilitator, this can be valuable information for your facilitating.


The natural behavior of horses and working in nature, their wisdom, movements and invitations are a source of inspiration in this training.


For whom?

You have completed a training in organizational and/or family constellations or have completed training as a systemic coach. You want to deepen your own facilitatorship and intervention skills with the help of horses. You do not need to have experience or knowledge of horses to participate in this training.


Purpose of the training

The training Systemic Intervention and Facilitatorship with Horses gives a new and deepening impulse to your knowledge and application of systemic work.

After completing the training:

·      you will have further sharpened your own instrument of systemic awareness

·      You have deepened your facilitatorship

·      You will have sharpened your capacity for interventions, in the here and now, on the spot.

·      You can combine your systemic work with nature, horses, everything there is.



The training consists of 6 days and 1 evening and will take place in 1 week. Halfway through the week (on Wednesday) a day off is scheduled.


In the first part of the training the focus is on mentoring:

·      you, the horse & the herd, the client.

·      How do you find yourself and each other & when do you lose each other and yourself? What are resources in this and what are possible triggers to disconnect.

·      Who are you as a facilitator, with all that is and in full resonance with the here and now.

·      Sharpening and expanding your observations in nature.


During the second part of the training, the focus is on interventionism and the impulses for interventions.

·      What can you learn about the sharpness and immediacy of interventions from the horses

·      Do the impulses come from you, the horse or somewhere else?

·      How do you make the interventions be immediate, sharp, loving and relentless?


In the 2nd part, guest clients are welcome for systemic sessions with horses.

We work during the training with a group of up to 20 participants with 2 trainers. There is a lot of space for your own development in your facilitatorship & intervention skills and to work systemically with the help of the horses. The training takes place at an outdoor location in Gieten, the language is English.


6 dagen

2 juni 2024
Day 1: 10:00 - 17:00Marion Latour, Jochen BeyerGieten
3 juni 2024
Day 2: 10:00 - 21:30Marion Latour, Jochen BeyerGieten
4 juni 2024
Day 3: 10:00 - 17:00Marion Latour, Jochen BeyerGieten
6 juni 2024
Day 4: 10:00 - 17:00Marion Latour, Jochen BeyerGieten
7 juni 2024
Day 5: 10:00 - 17:00Marion Latour, Jochen BeyerGieten
8 juni 2024
Day 6: 10:00 - 16:00Marion Latour, Jochen BeyerGieten

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