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Pioneers at the heart of systemic phenomenological work

The Bert Hellinger Institute is the training, knowledge and research centre for systemic work. Our founders were at the forefront of systemic work in the Netherlands. We now organize BHI workshops, trainings and in-company courses on a daily basis, both in the Netherlands and abroad.


Despite our long experience, every constellation is new and every training is different. We are constantly making new discoveries and remain eager to continue developing in this field. We learn both within the walls of our institute and beyond, as participants in training programs of others. All of this helps us generate and share new insights into the core of systemic phenomenological work.

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About the Bert Hellinger Institute

People are constantly evolving. With each other, without each other. In families, in teams, in organizations. Systemic thinking makes us aware of the “why” of our being and doing. Organizational and family constellations create room for movement. The BHI provides courses, workshops and training programs in the field of systemic work, constellations, leadership and coaching. This is how we contribute to the development of people, organizations and society.

For up-and-coming and established leaders. An initiative of the Bert Hellinger Institute.