The foundation of systemic phenomenological work

Understanding of unconscious dynamics creates movement

The Bert Hellinger Institute helps you move professionally, personally and socially.

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Every question, every problem, is entitled to a new, open approach. Whether that issue is personal or organizational. Do you or your organization need a systemic perspective on your specific question? Our trainers and coaches support you with a constellation, workshop or coaching to help you move forward.


About the Bert Hellinger Institute

The Bert Hellinger Institute is the training, knowledge and research centre for systemic work. As pioneers in the systemic field, we started constellations and trainings in the Netherlands, always in complete connection with the foundation laid by Bert Hellinger. Learn more about our history, locations and team!

About BHI

Enhance your systemic knowledge

The trainers and coaches of the Bert Hellinger Institute are always learning, discovering and developing. Keep your systemic insights growing with books, blogs and videos in our Knowledge centre.

“The constellation quickly gave us insights that we could not have imagined beforehand.”

“I learned what makes a team a team. Patterns emerged and roles became discernible. It will allow me to have a broader view as a manager and better support people and teams.”

“My training adds so much to my core. Already during the course, it proved helpful in my daily practice.”

“I encountered old sores that I hadn’t expected. However, that insight alone provided immediate relief. And room to move on.”

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