The foundation of systemic phenomenological work


An organization grown from insight and movement

The Bert Hellinger Institute was founded in 2000. However, the origins of the BHI go further back; to 1995, when Jan Jacob Stam and his wife Bibi Schreuder experienced their first constellation in Germany to find answers to a personal question. After this experience, Jan Jacob and Bibi attended many international seminars of Bert Hellinger and explored the phenomenon of constellations. They became friends with Bert. Until 2019, when Bert Hellinger passed away, Jan Jacob and Bert were in regular contact and exchanged knowledge and information.

The life cycle of the BHI

When Jan Jacob founded the BHI in 2000, he had the full support of Bert Hellinger. In July 2001, Bibi started working fulltime at, for and with the institute, having worked in education for 25 years. As pioneers in the systemic field, Jan Jacob and Bibi started facilitating constellations and training programs in the Netherlands. In 2005, they opened their own location “De Zeven Linden” in Middelbert (Groningen), with Bert Hellinger as an honoured guest.

In 2015, Barbara Hoogenboom became co-owner. It was the first step in taking the BHI to “the next generation”. The organization grew and entered a next phase, which included room for new trainers and more support staff. During this period, we also set up our own location in Amsterdam, “De Paddestoel”.

In 2020, Jan Jacob left the BHI and continued his own business as a “good neighbour” at the then newly built “De Drie Essen”, situated right next-door to “De Zeven Linden” in Middelbert. Barbara and Bibi together continued the BHI partnership.

In 2022, it was time for the next step toward “the next generation”. Bibi retired and took on the role of tribal elder, allowing her to fully express her systemic mastery.

From that moment on, the partnership consisted of 7 persons: Barbara Hoogenboom, Sandra Hardenberg, Marion Latour, Yvonne Lonis, Petra van de Kop, Jochen Beyer and Bibi Schreuder.

The BHI continues to focus on making meaningful contributions to businesses and organizations, personal development, illness and health, education and social issues. Despite, or perhaps because of, this broad field of work, the BHI offers an environment in which participants feel at home. A place where people can grow. Where every individual, every pattern and every system is welcome. Where potential can start to flow.

Every individual, pattern and system is welcome. This allows potential to flow.

About Bert Hellinger

Anton Suitbert (Bert) Hellinger was born on 16 December 1925 and died on 19 September 2019. In the late 1980s, Bert Hellinger developed family constellations as a fully-fledged method. He called it “life support”. Doing many constellations gave him insights about how family systems work. His first book, Love’s Hidden Symmetry: What Makes Love Work in Relationships, has become known around the world.

From 2003 onward, he continued to develop his work with his second wife, Sophie, and taught at his own Hellinger Schule, both in Germany and far beyond. Bert Hellinger wrote more than 100 books, which were translated into 37 languages. In his last book Mein Leben, Mein Werk, a biography, he describes both his life and once again very clearly what the foundations of systemic work are. It is a must-read!

Publishing House Het Noorderlicht

Early 2002, Jan Jacob Stam founded publishing house Het Noorderlicht, inspired and supported by Gunthard Weber. Het Noorderlicht publishes relevant books and conducts interesting workshops on systemic work, often in collaboration with trainers from the BHI. The publishing house is now run by Michiel van der Ham.

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About the Bert Hellinger Institute

People are constantly evolving. With each other, without each other. In families, in teams, in organizations. Systemic thinking makes us aware of the “why” of our being and doing. Organizational and family constellations create room for movement. The BHI provides courses, workshops and training programs in the field of systemic work, constellations, leadership and coaching. This is how we contribute to the development of people, organizations and society.

For up-and-coming and established leaders. An initiative of the Bert Hellinger Institute.