The foundation of systemic phenomenological work

Personal coaching

Discover the patterns in yourself, in your family, your relationships and your work

Systemic coaching gives you greater insight into your personal issues. Are you struggling with recurring patterns or a question about yourself, your family, your relationships or your work? Or do you want to increase your systemic awareness and give it a place in your life? The trainers and coaches of the Bert Hellinger Institute can support you with personal coaching and/or family constellations.

Systemic coaching

When you present your question, the systemic coach listens to you, while constantly asking himself or herself the following questions: “What does this issue try to solve?”, “What wants to be seen in the system and what needs to be given a place in history again?”

In systemic coaching, we look for underlying patterns. We explore what part of your true history wants to be acknowledged before you can take the next step. Even if it is not yet concrete what that next step will be.

During and after the coaching session, a process is set in motion to let go of old or non-functioning patterns and move in new directions. You get a different perspective, which allows you to look at the issue differently, realize your question has changed, or you no longer have an issue.

Family constellations

A constellation is a spatial representation of a family or organizational system. To represent the system, you can work with people but also with objects, such as dolls or materials on the floor. In all constellations, you explore the interrelationships and dynamic between the elements that have been placed.

Constellations are a way to gain insight into how systems work and how we can get stuck in our patterns – completely unconsciously! – in our attempt to make the system complete. The personal placing the constellation works without judgment. The coach does not give advice to the seeker, but a constellation or coaching session usually brings insight and awareness.

“The constellation surprised me, as I encountered old sores I hadn’t expected. However, that insight alone provided immediate relief. And room to move on.”

“Thank you so much for taking me along and showing me a systemic world that I have never allowed myself to discover and experience like this. Really impressive. It definitely got me thinking.”

“I am really very happy with the insights the constellation brought me… Plenty of food for though.”

Interested in personal coaching?

The Bert Hellinger Institute and its experienced systemic coaches are available for your personal coaching and/or family constellation. Contact us to discuss your needs and wishes!


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People are constantly evolving. With each other, without each other. In families, in teams, in organizations. Systemic thinking makes us aware of the “why” of our being and doing. Organizational and family constellations create room for movement. The BHI provides courses, workshops and training programs in the field of systemic work, constellations, leadership and coaching. This is how we contribute to the development of people, organizations and society.

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