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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for participating in trainings and workshops at the Bert Hellinger Institute

1. General

Trainings and workshops are given in accordance with the Ethical Code of the BHI. Participants can always gather or consult information before, during and after workshops and training. Participants are responsible for their own well-being.

2. Definitions

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements between the Bert Hellinger Institute Netherlands (hereinafter referred to as “BHI”) and Participant in education, training and other forms of education and training (hereinafter referred to as “Participant”).

Participant means the natural person who actually participates in the Training.

3. Realization of the agreement

The agreement is concluded: By following the following registration procedure via the website:

After registering via the website, the Participant will receive an automatic confirmation email from the Bert Hellinger Institute. The office management will then contact you as soon as possible about further steps to be taken.

A registration is final when the Participant has received a digital acknowledgment of receipt from the BHI, the Participant has submitted a motivation letter (if requested) and the Participant has received written confirmation (by e-mail) from the BHI of definitive participation.

Participant has the right to dissolve the agreement without giving any reason within 14 working days after the conclusion of the agreement.

4.Waiting list

If the course is fully booked at the time of registration, the Participant will be placed on a waiting list. The Participant will receive digital notification of this.

As soon as a place becomes available, the first one on the waiting list is approached.

5.Interruption of training

A training can only be followed as a whole.

A missed module can only be made up in consultation with office and in exceptional cases, if there is room.

Interrupting and continuing a course in a subsequent course group is only possible in consultation with the office.

If a participant is allowed to interrupt a course and wants to complete the course in a subsequent group, the full costs for one course will be charged, plus an additional 20%.

6. Abort training

If a training is interrupted, there will be no restitution of the training costs.

7.Cancellation of training

Cancellation can only be done in writing or by e-mail and is only final after the BHI has confirmed this.

Participant has the right to dissolve the agreement free of charge for 14 working days after the agreement has been concluded.

When canceling after the invoice has been sent to the participant, we are forced to charge € 25.00 administration costs.

If the Participant cancels his/her participation up to 21 calendar days before the start of the course, the participant will be reimbursed the training costs, minus 10%.

If the Participant cancels within 21 calendar days for the training, the Participant pays 30% of the training costs.

If the Participant cancels between 21 and 2 calendar days before the start of the training, 50% of the participation fee is due

No refund is possible if Participant cancels the training within 2 calendar days before the start of the course or withdraw during the course.

The BHI has the right – with a clear explanation of the reasons – to cancel the Training or to refuse participation of a Participant, in which cases the participant is entitled to reimbursement of the full amount paid by the Participant to the BHI. If a course is canceled, the participant will receive a written message about the possible alternatives. In the event of cancellation of the course, the Participant’s place may be taken by another participant nominated by the Participant. However, this must be done in consultation with the BHI, because this participant must meet the conditions for participation.

8. Payments

The BHI charges the participation fee by means of an invoice. After receiving the invoice sent by the BHI, the participant has the obligation to make a deposit of at least 10% of the total costs associated with the relevant training within 14 working days after the invoice date.

A staggered payment is possible for the training courses. Payment in installments does not relieve participants of the obligation to pay the full training costs. There are no additional costs associated with payment in installments. The full amount must be paid two weeks before the last module.

When a third party pays the training costs, the Participant remains responsible for the full amount being paid.

Coffee, tea and lunch are included in the training. Travel, accommodation and accommodation costs are not included in the participation costs, unless explicitly agreed otherwise. Course material is included in the price. This does not apply to the mandatory and recommended literature.

9. Ownership

The copyright on the brochures, training materials, manuals, sheets, stencils, syllabi and any other written materials used in the training, hereinafter referred to as “materials”, is held by the BHI, unless another person with copyright in the work itself is indicated. Without the express written permission of the BHI, no data will be published by the Participant in any form whatsoever or will be multiplied in any way whatsoever. The copyright on quotes, reports, proposals etcetera that arises from the work of the BHI also rests exclusively with the BHI. The course material provided remains with the Participant.


Privacy Policy

How do we handle privacy?:

  1. We do not provide names lists for short workshops. However, for longer courses, this procedure is standard, in connection with the formation of intervision groups. We release this only after personal introduction and completion of the first block. Every participant is free to indicate if he does not want this.
  2. We do not publish photos without permission, nor do we take photos without permission.
  3. If participants want information from another participant via us after a workshop, we will forward that request to the person concerned, stating that they are free to respond or not. We reply to the requestor that we do not provide any data, but that we will forward her/his request to the person concerned.
  4. For carpool requests, BHI approaches both parties and requests permission to exchange contact details.

Complaints procedure

The Bert Hellinger Institute The Netherlands is a training institute and likes to learn from the experiences of participants. We do our best to communicate as clearly and transparently as possible in order to coordinate wishes, needs and rules. Nevertheless it may happen that you as a participant are not satisfied with something. In that case, we have a complaints procedure for that.

In the first instance

Every participant is welcome with feedback. In the first instance, it is addressed to the trainer whose training or workshop it concerns.


We regard every complaint as a need for better coordination and advice to improve our services. If you, as a participant, are dissatisfied with the trainer’s reaction, he or she can contact the secretariat.


If he is also dissatisfied with the director’s response, he can write to the complaints committee (Middelberterweg 13 a, 9723 ET Groningen). This committee operates independently of the institute. It consists of J. Andreae, consultant and mediator in Amsterdam and T. van den Berg, mediator in Amsterdam.


The complaints committee will confirm receipt of a complaint to the student (complainant) in writing as soon as possible, but no later than within 10 working days*. Complaints are treated confidentially and can only be submitted in writing.


The complaints committee will submit the complaint to the accused as soon as possible, but no later than within 10 working days, in writing and ask him or her for his or her written response.


The complaints committee gives the complainant and the accused the opportunity to be heard about what is stated in the complaint. Both the complainant and the accused can request the complaints committee to be heard together or separately from each other. The committee decides on this.


The complaints committee strives to find a solution in which the values ​​and criteria of both parties are combined and where both parties are satisfied. Judgments of the committee are binding on both the complainant and the accused.


The Bert Hellinger Institute immediately and fully implements the decisions of the complaints committee. The complainant also complies with the decisions of the committee.

External Experts

The complaints committee can be assisted by experts.


The complaints committee and any external expert are required to maintain confidentiality.


A complaint is handled by the complaints committee within 30 working days *, after confirmation of receipt. A report of this will be made.


The student who has submitted the complaint can appeal against the decision to the Complaints Committee within 20 working days*. Hereby the student must present new, additional information.


All documents relating to a complaint are kept for two years. This also applies to the report on the method of handling.

* The periods mentioned in the procedure can be extended due to holidays or illness of those involved or members of the complaints committee. Those involved will be informed of this as soon as possible.

Ethics code for trainers Bert Hellinger Institute The Netherlands (BHI)

  • I will strive to be a suitable role model for students and clients in all my training courses.
  • I will act in accordance with the systemic laws of binding, ordering and giving and taking.
  • I will give my training, coaching and constellations with great care and create a positive learning environment in which students and clients are respected.
  • I understand that I am considered an expert. I will not use this position to gain unreasonable and unfair advantage, in the form of material, financial or other favors, from my students and clients.
  • In case the professional relationship between me and a person is the trainer-student, coach-client, compiler-client relationship, I agree to behave to promote this relationship. In case there is another relationship than this, I will do my best to balance the two relationships with each other.
  • In case a question from a client (for whatever reason) is not manageable for me, I will take my responsibility in it and refer the client to another trainer, coach or facilitator.
  • I will do my best to do business in a truthful, honest manner, always trying to create a situation where there is a balance between giving and taking for both parties.
  • I will present myself in an honest, open manner and not make any claims about myself that are not based on truth.
  • I will only present myself as a member of an organization if I belong to that organization.
  • I will not pirate other people’s work and always quote the source when citing other people’s work. I will not allow copyrighted work, including audio, video or written material, to be copied without written permission from the owner.
  • I will ensure that I have transparent financial information about prices and discounts and handle all financial issues as ethically as possible.
  • I will ensure the confidentiality of the personal data of my students or clients, unless I am legally obliged to make this data public or I have been given written permission to do so.
  • I will honestly give my opinion and, in the case of less positive statements, make it clear that they are my personal opinion and thereby also shed light on the other side of the matter. I will not speak badly about other trainers, coaches, systemic drafters or students or clients.
  • I will provide the student/client with clear information about the certificates I have obtained for study programs.
  • I am committed to continuing to develop professionally in my profession. I make use of the possibilities that the BHI offers in the field of intervision, supervision, workshops, seminars and training courses.
  • I will not issue certificates to participants who deal with the course material I have provided in an unethical manner. I will always act to the best of my ability to certify these students in the future.
  • When in doubt about a situation or possible contradiction of the rule, I always act in the interest of my client.

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