The foundation of systemic phenomenological work


Systemic knowledge as a source of power for people, organizations and society

Systemic work creates room for movement. A new systemic perspective of an issue allows for growth on a professional, personal or social level. The trainers and coaches of the Bert Hellinger Institute allow the potential of people, organizations and people within organizations to flow again.

How can we help you improve your flow?

“I am actually amazed at what happened during the workshop. The depth, the closeness with so many ‘total strangers’ and… the result. It was great! A beautiful way to be together as a group of people.”

“The training gave me tremendous insight, perspective and the ability to discover patterns. As a result, I can now see where there is room for growth. Thank you for making such a difference in my life, our organization and our future. Life will never be the same again.”

“Doing my normal job from a systemic point of view gives me new energy. I am no longer exhausted after work!”

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About the Bert Hellinger Institute

People are constantly evolving. With each other, without each other. In families, in teams, in organizations. Systemic thinking makes us aware of the “why” of our being and doing. Organizational and family constellations create room for movement. The BHI provides courses, workshops and training programs in the field of systemic work, constellations, leadership and coaching. This is how we contribute to the development of people, organizations and society.

For up-and-coming and established leaders. An initiative of the Bert Hellinger Institute.