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Every question, every problem has the right to a new, open approach

For us, in-company and customized work go hand in hand. Every question, every problem has the right to a new, open approach. A fresh look. Customization means that we extensively inquire by telephone or in person about what is needed, listen very carefully to you and discuss with you what an appropriate approach may be for you. For example, a transformational process requires a different route than the search for an insight or an intervention.

But it’s not just about an approach. It is also about “From where do we participate?”. All existing management models, business structures and organization plans can continue to exist alongside the systemic perspective. It is not either-or. It is an important, honest starting point for us, in order to ultimately be able to do what is necessary for your situation in co-creation.

Below you can see a few examples of questions we receive:

  • There is (inexplicable) resistance in our organization
  • I am a manager/supervisor and would like to know what my place is
  • There is a culture of fear with us. Where does that come from?
  • I am a consultant and would like to deploy you once
  • Our department/company is going to merge. Can you make a systemic contribution to this process?
  • I organize a conference and am looking for a speaker/workshop
  • I would like to offer my team some more systemic knowledge
  • We encounter behavior or patterns that we no longer want to have

In fact, all organizational issues are suitable for systemic exploration.
Even issues that are more about future decisions, such as: what is a possible effect of merging teams, introducing a new product, changing policy, etc.

We investigate, often through a constellation, the underlying dynamics and patterns. This way you gain insight into what is going on in the undercurrent. Or perhaps get a new perspective on what is needed to continue.

But there are more options than just a constellation. Consider systemic coaching or workshops, for example.

A selection of a number of work forms:

  • A diagnosis/insight constellation
  • An introduction workshop
  • In-company training
  • An in-company process/trajectory
  • A lecture
  • Individual management coaching

As stated earlier, there are more possibilities than the above examples. Customization requires aligning and we are happy to discuss this with you.

here are more options than just a constellation

See below the different work forms that we offer

Diagnosis & Insight Constellation

For who

For executives, directors, HR advisors, managers, presidents, owners, CEOs, CFOs.


You notice that something is playing, but you cannot get your finger on it. For example, you cannot find your place as a manager. Or there is an inexplicable resistance in the organization. Turnover is declining. There is a culture of fear. A merger is imminent, etc.
In fact, all organizational issues are suitable for systemic review.

Through a constellation we look at the underlying dynamics and patterns, so that you gain insight into what is going on in the undercurrent. Or perhaps get a new perspective on what is needed to continue.

How does it work

Representatives are required for a constellation to be able to express the different positions of an organizational system. Although it is possible to have people from your organization represent themselves, we prefer to work with representatives from outside. They know the constellation method, but they don’t know anything about the organization. In this case, conditions of confidentiality naturally apply. These are often (former) participants in our courses.

Introduction Workshop

For who

A team, a department, a Board of Directors, a segment, MT, board members, etc.


It is possible that this workshop follows from an earlier constellation. In addition, there may also be an intrinsic desire to gain more systemic insight into your organization. To become more aware of the “organization” in the team (who is in which place), or of the “exchange” (department X may not feel recognized by an imbalance in giving and taking). In short: you and your colleagues would like to look at your collaboration in a different way.
We are also often invited to such a workshop as part of leadership training, for example.

How does it work

In a half-day or full-day workshop, we will briefly explain some theory, and then get started as quickly as possible. After all, experiencing what it is like to take your place in the dynamics of your organization is more powerful than talking about it. In a two-day workshop we can elaborate on your organization. What dynamics are there? Which themes emerge? We can then incorporate this into the exercises, or possibly into a constellation. At the end of the workshop we harvest our insights and you will return with a (new) systemic view of the organization.

In-company Training

For who

Certain occupational groups in an organization. For example: managers, internal coaches, advisors, managers.


The major advantage of in-company training is the power of deepening and shared knowledge. Because we work together for a few days, we can dive deeper into your organization. In addition, all managers, or all advisors, have systemic insight after the training, have a common language and a shared “toolbox”.

How does it work

After an extensive intake we determine the duration, the subject and the location. This can, for example, vary from a two-day training course “Systemic Leadership” to a nine-day training course “Systemic Advising”.

In-company Process/Trajectory

For who

Anyone undergoing a change in the organization. This can be a specific team, but also management, HR advisers, middle management etc.


Many things can change due to a merger, takeover or transformation process. Positions change, functions shift, there is the necessary unrest and resistance, uncertainty comes into play and at the same time there must be a safe framework within which growth is possible. Systemic support is a huge addition to this complex force field. How can we take our new place? What should not be lost? Which systemic problems arise? What are the systemic consequences of certain decisions?

How does it work

After an extensive intake, we outline a framework that contains the duration, frequency, content and location. Because it is tailor-made, we remain in close coordination throughout the entire process. Training is interspersed with constellations, coaching and systemic interventions.


For who

Participants of (professional) conferences, heath days, trade days, inspiration days, etc.


How does it work

On request we can provide a part during a meeting. This can be, for example, a lecture on “Systemic Leadership” or “Family Businesses”. There are of course more topics and options. It is also possible to give a short workshop or to do a constellation after the lecture. This can be agreed in advance in joint coordination.

Individual Management Coaching

For who

Board members, managers and executives


A leadership position requires certain qualities. In addition to your “normal” management skills, you would like to expand your knowledge with a systemic view of the organization or the behavior of employees. It may also be that as a manager you have to deal with specific problems in the workplace and you want support in your systemic leadership. You gain more insight into the systemic functions, into the organization, into “how to create a safe framework” and which systemic interventions it might require of you as a manager.

How does it work

After a telephone intake we determine together the duration and location of the session(s).

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