The foundation of systemic phenomenological work

In-company & business solutions

Every question, every problem deserves a new and open approach

A systemic view works for any organization. Whatever the issue or need, systemic work adds something to your organization. The Bert Hellinger Institute provides in-company sessions and customized training programs. With working methods such as coaching, workshops, lectures and organizational constellations, you introduce a new, open approach, alongside existing management models, business structures and organizational plans.

For us, in-company and customized work go hand in hand. Every question, every problem deserves a new and open approach. A fresh look. Customization means that we start with an extensive intake by telephone or in person about what is needed, listen carefully and discuss with you what an appropriate approach may be for your situation. A transformational process, for example, requires a different route than when you are searching for more insight or require an intervention.

However, it’s not just about the approach. It is also about “What is the basis of our participation?”. All existing management models, business structures and organizational plans can continue to exist alongside the systemic perspective. It is not a question of either-or. This is an important, honest starting point for us, in order to ultimately be able to do what is necessary for your situation, in co-creation.

A few examples of questions that are presented to us:

  • We are experiencing an (inexplicable) resistance within our organization
  • I am a manager/supervisor and would like to know what my place is
  • There is a culture of fear in the workplace. Where does that come from?
  • I am a consultant and would like you to organize a one-off session
  • Our department/business is going through a merger. Can you make a systemic contribution to this process?
  • I am organizing a conference and I am looking for a speaker/workshop
  • I would like to offer my team some more systemic knowledge
  • We are seeing behavior or patterns that we feel are no longer acceptable

In fact, all types of organizational issues are suitable for systemic exploration. Even issues that are more about decisions for the future, such as: What is a possible effect of merging teams, introducing a new product, changing policy, etc?

We investigate, often through a constellation, the underlying dynamics and patterns. This can give you insight into what is going on in the undercurrent, or perhaps a new perspective on what should be the next step.

But there are more options than just a constellation. Systemic coaching or workshops, for example, are also a possibility.

A selection of work forms:

  • A diagnostic/insight constellation
  • An introductory workshop
  • In-company training
  • An in-company process/trajectory
  • A lecture
  • Individual management coaching

As indicated, there are more possibilities than the examples mentioned above. Customization requires proper consultation and we are happy to discuss the options with you.

Systemic Business School

Would you as a leader like to add new tools to your leadership and learn how to achieve coherence and movement in your team or organization? Systemic Business School is an initiative of the Bert Hellinger Institute The Netherlands, fully focused on leaders. Experienced trainers bring you new insights that change everything. 

“We worked with teams from around the world in an online session. No one knew each other. And yet, a 20-minute practical group assignment brought us forward together. These were the best 20 minutes of therapy I ever had, an American colleague said.”

“The Systemic work training brought the group together. Wonderful to see how everyone opened up.”

“As branch director, I manage several recruiting teams. Sometimes there are tensions you can’t really get to the bottom of. Thanks to our training, I am better able to give my people insight, to come up with their own solutions.”

“The systemic perspective has brought me a lot. It turns out to be very powerful to pay attention to a team’s history and raison d’être. We now take more time as a team to close off certain issues together, to make room for the challenges of the day.”

Interested in systemic work in your organization?

We offer a wide range of activities focused on companies and organizations. Let’s discuss the best options for you.


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People are constantly evolving. With each other, without each other. In families, in teams, in organizations. Systemic thinking makes us aware of the “why” of our being and doing. Organizational and family constellations create room for movement. The BHI provides courses, workshops and training programs in the field of systemic work, constellations, leadership and coaching. This is how we contribute to the development of people, organizations and society.

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