The foundation of systemic phenomenological work

The beauty of loyalty is hidden in resistance

Gain more insight into the issues within your team or organization

‘The beauty of loyalty is hidden in resistance’.
Barbara Hoogenboom.

It is gradually becoming clear: the systemic view and constellations can provide essential impulses to people, organizations and parts of society that are in development.

Systemic work provides perspective changes and tipping points. Is regularly life-changing. Sometimes irreversible. This requires a high level of professionalism from the practitioners of systemic work.

This page is intended for people who seek systemic insights for an organization, or who want to investigate an organizational / societal issue.

We like to share those insights. In workshops, training and work in organizations and around societal issues. We are real trainers/facilitators, also in terms of background. We believe that you cannot possess knowledge. Knowledge wants to grow. Knowledge wants to do something in society. That is the real value and meaning of knowledge.

We share not only through theory and explanation, but especially by awakening and fueling the systemic intelligence of our participants. We make systemic insights tangible by designing exercises that allow people to experience patterns and insights. And in fact: if systemic work is to be a normal line of approach for change processes, then it must be experienced as highly professional in society. We focus on going that way!

We are available to support your organization or team to investigate issues from a systemic perspective.

We provide workshops, trainings and coaching in the field of systemic work and constellations

Systems lead us, instead of us leading systems

Do you want to learn more about systemic work and constellations?

Our field of activity is broad and focuses on companies and organizations, personal development, illness and health, education and social issues.

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