The foundation of systemic phenomenological work

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When you understand where your patterns are rooted, they become easier to handle

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In our workshops and trainings we feel at the center of this work. We are in a certain way co-participants, are constantly making new discoveries and in this way we love the developments that are occurring. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience – as far as they are available to us – in workshops and training courses, in lively exchange with participants and their families and organizations. Despite this experience, every constellation is new, every course different.

We explain the programs and themes below. Do you allready know what suits you? Then take a look at our courses directly.

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A training in which we teach you the craft of systemic phenomenological work, with or without constellations.


One or multi-day activity in systemic work, e.g. workshops family and organizational constellation, or other specific themes.

Introduction Courses

Short courses to get a first impression and gain experience in systemic phenomenological work.

Master Trainings

A training to intensively deepen and expand your skills as a systemic professional.

Master Classes

One-day or multi-day specific deepening activity of systemic phenomenological work for systemic professionals.


We periodically organize a conference or seminar on a social theme and/or aimed at systemic professionals.

Our passion is to generate and share a stream of new insights

We give courses on systemic work & constellations

Do you want to learn more about systemic work and constellations?

Our field of activity is broad and focuses on companies and organizations, personal development, illness and health, education and social issues.

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Are you new here or is something unclear? On this page you will find frequently asked questions that may help you to find what you are looking for.

Frequently asked questions

We regularly share experiences or insights in the form of blogs/articles. Those are experiences and insights we gain during our work in The Netherlands and abroad.


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