The foundation of systemic phenomenological work



The healing art of touch - bodywork & presence in systemic work


Marion Latour

Simon Hausner

  • De Zeven Linden
  • Middelberterweg 13a
  • 9723 ET, Groningen

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3 days

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29 August 2024

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The healing art of touch - bodywork & presence in systemic work


In-depth facilitating of a systemic session (constellations or coaching) requires deeper understanding and experience of how the client's body reacts and continuously provides signals and therefore information.

This workshop is an invitation to incorporate a new perspective on the place of the body in systemic work. Through the tools offered by osteopathy, craniosacral therapy and constellations, we train our perception and learn to read the body. We learn very effective techniques from osteopathy and craniosacral therapy. We seek to strengthen the body's inherent capacity for self-regulation and bring the blocked structures to movement again. We amplify our healing approach to a bigger context through the constellation and incorporate into the process through the contact with the client's body. 

In this 3 day workshop, by practicing several techniques (hands-on) from osteopathy and cranio sacral, exercises and constellations we:

  • Refine and precise our perception of the individual and the collective
  •  Perceive and read the body through techniques from osteopathy and craniosacral therapy
  • Learn how the mind, emotions and the body and its sensations are connected
  • Lead and follow a constellation in direct contact with the client's body 
  • Tune into the synchronicity of the field, the body and the constellation 

Simon Hausner

Simon Hausner is a trained and qualified osteopathic practitioner. He believes that everyone’s physical, emotional and mental being is unique and exquisite in its own unique way. In his practice, he focuses on helping people find their balance in their own bodies and minds, simply and effortlessly.

 Simon studied Osteopathic Medicine at the European College for Osteopathy Munich-Paris (COE) and absolved trainings in Craniosacral Therapy after Olaf Korpiun, Viszeral Osteopathy after Frank de Bakker, Functional Medicine at IFMS, family constellations with Stephan Hausner and TWT #Timeless Wisdom Training* with Thomas Huebl. Several work studies at Esalen Institute influenced him deeply as Workshops and Retreats with Mike Boxhall and Jon Kabat Zinn.

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3 days

29 August 2024
Day 1: 09:30 - 17:00Marion Latour, Simon HausnerGroningen
30 August 2024
Day 2: 09:30 - 17:00Marion Latour, Simon HausnerGroningen
31 August 2024
Day 3: 09:30 - 17:00Marion Latour, Simon HausnerGroningen

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