The foundation of systemic phenomenological work

Coaching & advice

When patterns from the background or other social systems play a role

Individual Coaching

When someone tells his or her question, the coach listens with ears that constantly ask themselves: “What is this problem a solution for?”. “What wants to be seen in the system and have a place in history again?”

We elaborate on the underlying patterns and try to pronounce sentences from what wants to be recognized from real history, until you as a client find that you can take the next step. Even though it is not yet clear which step that will be.

During and after coaching, a process gets in motion, in order for you to be able to abandon old or not working patterns and to take new paths. You have a different perspective, from which the issue looks different, has become a different question, or is even no longer an issue.

Workshop or Individual Coaching?

Participating in a constellation workshop with representatives gives an enormous amount of insight into how systems work and how we remain stuck in our patterns to – completely unconsciously – try to make the system complete. Experiencing and representing yourself in the constellation of others often sets things in motion, enabling you to work with your own issues. That is why we are a big fan of a one-day or two-day workshop constellation. However, we can also imagine that a workshop is a bridge too far for various reasons and that you prefer to work 1-on-1 with your coach in a systemic way.

How long does a session take?

Usually one session takes place, lasting approximately one and a half hours. Sometimes there is a follow-up question from the first issue and a second session is agreed by both parties later on.

Who can attend?

People who struggle with a question, where they suspect that unconscious patterns and loyalties may be playing a role based on their background or other social systems.


If you are interested in individual systemic coaching, please contact our office.


In this animation about Systemic Coaching, an accessible and visual explanation of how the systemic coach works together with the coachee is given.

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