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Continuing next to each other...

Where to? Where the upcoming future is taking us.


The Bert Hellinger Institute Netherlands and Jan Jacob Stam will continue side by side.

As per September 1st, 2020, the Bert Hellinger Institute Netherlands (BHIN), with owners Bibi Schreuder and Barbara Hoogenboom at the helm, will continue its course towards a meaningful contribution to families, organizations and society; in the Netherlands, and abroad.

From the same date on, Jan Jacob, as a good neighbor of his beloved Hellinger Institute, will continue independently. Where to? Where the upcoming future is taking him.

Bert Hellinger Institute, at the heart of systemic work as it progresses and develops. And we are happy to take responsibility for it.

Bibi and Barbara

We are at the heart of systemic work as it progresses and develops. And we are happy to take responsibility for it.

About "reaching destiny" ...

Years ago, Jan Jacob Stam made Hellingers ‘Spirit-Mind’ more practical by calling it the ‘Evolutionairy Force. He then added to the three principles of “belonging, order and exchange”, a fourth principle: “destiny”.

Reaching your destiny, whether personal or for an organization as a whole, is linked to the evolutionary force. That force is about “what life wants from you or your organization” and is so strong that it breaks patterns and can take you or your organization on a new path. Sometimes a person has reached his or her destiny in the position or in an organization, sometimes an organization has reached its destiny, sometimes both.

That fourth principle, destiny, which we have been talking about and working with for many years, is now very present for ourselves: Jan Jacob has reached his destiny within the Bert Hellinger Institute.

And let it be clear that both the Bert Hellinger Institute Netherlands (BHIN) and Jan Jacob himself still have a lot of destiny in the field of systemic phenomenological work! Ánd it feels that we each have something different to do in the world.

This means that we have decided that Jan Jacob and the BHIN will separate. As good neighbors, we will both explore the paths that come our way. Investigate what it is that we have to do, what it means, which path is ours. Our paths may diverge, they may intersect, they may occasionally run parallel.

What is certain, is that the philosophy of Bert Hellinger with the three consciences and the four principles is and remains the foundation of both BHIN and the work of Jan Jacob. It remains the source and origin of the work we bring into the world. Us being good neighbors does not change any of that. That is inalienable. In fact, this body of knowledge and wisdom is what guides us and where this movement of continuing next to each other comes from. And we – Bibi, Barbara, Jan Jacob – have the courage to let us be taken by this movement.

And now?

And that movement goes out before Precise Knowing. Knowing Exactly Who is What and Why. We don’t know where it will take us. And that’s all right. Undoubtedly, we have to pass lacks of clarity and we will face challenging moments together. Fortunately, the starting point for this is a healthy, mature and warm relationship between the three of us as (former) owners.

What we do know is that this decision immediately released an enormous amount of energy and meaning for each of us!

From now on Barbara Hoogenboom and Bibi Schreuder will continue as owners together with BHIN, towards the upcoming future.

Jan Jacob spreads his wings via (and

A practical note: in some trainings Jan Jacob is planned to be (one of the) trainers. Ofcourse you can count on his full presence as promised, be it ‘live’, ‘online’ or a combination.

In the coming period, Barbara and Bibi will gladly update you through the BHIN newsletters and social media into the developments and discoveries of and within the BHIN and the resulting (re)new(ed) activities. It’s brimming with ideas, that’s for sure!

If you do not want to miss anything of the offer and the professional developments of Jan Jacob, sign up quickly for his newsletter! You can already visit his new website and get an impression of where he is. Via his website you can easily leave your email address to subscribe to his newsletters.

For many, this message reaches your inbox in the middle of a holiday period where your attention may be elsewhere. That is why you will receive this message again before 1 September. Possibly with new updates and more information. Do you have any questions or reactions? Feel free to send an email to and /or


Warm regards,
Bibi and Barbara

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