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Marion Latour

Is working at the Bert Hellinger Institute as a trainer and coach.

8 October 2020| Online Systemic Work

Shall we meet somewhere between our screens?

Recently, working online has really taken off. Evolutionary force at work in bringing innovation! In recent months, we have gained a lot of experience with online systemic work at the Bert Hellinger Institute Netherlands and in our experience, it works quite well. Working online allows you to reach deep(er) layers where insights and movements arise.

What are things that can help your online systemic work? These three ingredients are important for you when you engage in online systemic work:

First of all, also during your online work, it is important to be aware that you are not alone sitting in front of your screen. It may sound strange, but you are part of your family system, even if you are working systemically online. You have your own place in it and you can consciously take your place in your background, while sitting in front of your computer screen. And without having to change or do anything, you can imagine your father standing at an appropriate distance behind you to your right and your mother behind you to your left, and behind them are their parents and their parents and their parents… and also their and your brothers and sisters. All the events in your history, they are all part of it. You are sitting in front of your screen, from your own place in your entire background.

Secondly, you need a lifeline. Online systemic work requires the willingness to go reach out beyond your own computer screen, to meet the other person somewhere in between the screens, without knowing where exactly you will meet. To have, so to speak, a willingness to surrender to not knowing how and not knowing where you meet the other person, like diving into the deep. What can be helpful when you do this “online dive”, is to find a symbol for a lifeline in the room where you are sitting in front your computer. This lifeline can be anything, a clock, a painting, any object that supports your dive into the deep and the unknown beyond your screen, but that also serves as reminder for you to return back to your seat in front of your computer when needed…

Finally, expect the unexpected in online systemic work. Reserve some of your energy, inside yourself, to expect the unexpected. This gives you resilience and allows you stay respond in your online systemic work.

These three ingredients provide a solid foundation for online systemic work: you with your background, with a lifeline to go beyond your own screen and the energy to expect the unexpected in the encounter with the other person.

Do you want to know and learn more in online systemic work? Take a look at the Online Systemic Work Training 

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