Het fundament van systemisch fenomenologisch werk

TrainingSystemic Pedagogy

The Training Systemic Pedagogy teaches you to shift your focus to a systemic view and discover new possibilities in your work with children. Just by looking at things through systemic eyes, all kinds of things change: a child can relax, there is peace in the classroom, cooperation within the team arises and you have more peace and space to do your job. This is a training in systemic perceiving, thinking and acting, without constellations.

For whom?

This Online Training Systemic Pedagogy is aimed at people working with children or adults in education, guidance in learning and parenting situations, childcare and foster care. This course is also suitable for coaches and trainers who supervise professionals in these fields. In addition, the course is for professionals who supervise parents.

Purpose of the training

After completing this training, you are able to

  • You can systemically phenomenological perceive and act without judgement
  • You know how systems work and how children’s behavior is hard at work to make the system ‘in order’ and complete
  • You can employ the principles of systemic phenomenological work (belonging, order and exchange)
  • You can, taking into account systemic principles, create a safe framework so that the child does not have to be busy defending his background system
  • You can honor the fate of the children you supervise, without wanting to change it

Training program

The systemic pedagogy course consists of 8 modules of four and a half hour. Theory and exercises alternate. In the training knowledge, experience and insight about the basic principles in systems will be offered. In addition, there will be a lot of practice in smaller groups, also intervisiongroups in between the modules.

Because you are your own tool in this work, the learning is focused on much self-experience, refining your perception and awareness of your own inner movements and patterns.

In the first two modules the focus is on how systems work: theory about the different consciences and the translation into daily practice.

In between: practice with the meditation and attitude of complete empty centre.

Then two modules about belonging; what can you do so that everyone feels included. where are your limits. Function of judgements and effects of judgements. We look systemically at cases (with a constellation or with systemic questions) to learn what wants to be included.

In between: practice the movement of ‘Yes’ and create and apply belonging activities.

Two modules with the focus on order. What is the function of order in a system. What kind of principles of order can we recognize, what can be symptoms of an ‘out of order’ system.

In between: create and apply activities about order and write a blog

Two modules with the focus on exchange. What is the function of exchange in systems? Child- position and adult-position and their functions regarding taking and giving. How do I deal with taking, how do I deal with giving? What can disturb the exchange? What can be symptoms of a system where exchange is disturbed?

Meetings during Covid-19 pandemic

The Bert Hellinger Institute is doing everything it can to follow government guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as best as possible. We always work as much as possible in accordance with the latest known guidelines and possibilities. When Covid regulations do not allow to have this presential training, we will cancel it. If we are allowed to do the training, but you are not allowed to travel, we will refund you.

Practical information

Payment in installments is possible without additional costs. To plan regarding payment in installments, you can contact the administration via info@hellingerinstituut.nl.

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