The foundation of systemic phenomenological work


Petra van de Kop

Is adviseur, coach, procesbegeleider and trainer at the Bert Hellinger Instituut.

13 May 2024| Persoonlijk

An art and a skill

Systemic work is both an art and a skill. Learning something new takes courage. Becoming skillful requires courage to become (temporarily) unfaithful to everything you learned before. Mastering the art requires the courage to use yourself as an instrument.

Knowledge and skills act like a sphere. Just imagine: everything you know consciously is inside that sphere and everything you don’t know is outside. At the interface, questions arise that come from everything you know. The more knowledge you accumulate, the bigger the content of the sphere, the bigger the surface with the not-knowing, So the more you know, the more courage you need to be in the not-knowing.

Is this rationale actually, correct?

Again and again, I experience how easily systemic awareness is awakened within others. People sense sharply when usual interventions don’t work, and the system calls for attention. Understanding the needs of the system is often just a matter of finding new images and language for what is already known by the other person.

What supports me, as a systemic facilitator, in this process is the knowing: we are nature. Systemic awareness is an ancient natural ability available to everyone. We are part of a greater whole and, moreover, have always lived in groups to survive. From this knowing, my body, that can breathe, see, feel and hear – brings me and the other into a field where systemic awareness is awakened.

My body and perception as access to the source of life! That takes less courage than my brain regularly makes me think.

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