The foundation of systemic phenomenological work

About opening up and closing; rediscover the secure base within yourself in times of transformation

Morten Hjort & Mirjam Dirkx

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As a facilitator, how can you be a ‘secure base’ when the pressure is increased from the outside? How can you keep feeling your own ground, when it storms around you? Social unrest, polarization, uncertainty, fear… major themes that require containment. In this workshop you will learn to use your own closing and opening as a gateway to a larger space. So that you can receive the other person and his learning question.

Intermediate space,
the small hall between inside and outside
the greater the pressure on the walls the stronger the appeal,
the fuller the journey inside.

Intermediate space,
that little movement of breath
in the house of yourself
that simplicity of in and out
of ground beneath your feet:

You exist and you stay on stream between inside and outside.

Joke Goudswaard

At least two constellations are active in each encounter; your own and that of the person(s) you facilitate. You resonate with each other. What are you awakening in each other in the here-and-now? And what wakes up from ever? What loss or pain does that refer to? You learn to dwell in the in-between space and gain awareness of your own closeness, through the language of your body. Who knows how to close, also learns the route to return, open and land on your own ground. A mini transformation process. This is how you lead your client; reliable and available for whatever comes along.


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