The foundation of systemic phenomenological work

Expanding Laboratory: What else wants to be known?

Maaike van der Heiden

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Systemic work is quite young. We work with the legacy of Bert Hellinger (who started family constellations in 1982) and with all the knowledge that has been evolved out of this.

It feels like there’s still so much that we don’t know about systems. Bert found out there are three survival mechanisms operating in systems, but could it be that there is a fourth? We have the principles of belonging, order, and exchange. Jan Jacob Stam found out that there’s one more: destination.

We talk about principles, mechanisms, patterns, and dynamics. What is there to discover, that isn’t discovered yet? What wants to be known?

The working ingredients in this workshop are curiousness and playfulness.

Maybe I can use the metaphor of our galaxy. We know a lot, and there’s still so much we don’t know, but by being curious and by doing experiments we expand our knowledge of how the galaxy works.

So what are you curious for? Which questions do you have? Which experiments would you like to do? Which topics are asking for research?

Let’s see what happens if we put all our knowledge, curiousness and urge for pioneering together in this laboratory.


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