The foundation of systemic phenomenological work

Systemic interventions in teams and organizations

Jan Jacob Stam & Dees van de Hoef

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Teams are an entity with seemingly a will of their own. Aaarch…..!!  

We usually see the parts, the team-members. We don’t see the whole. And as we all know, what is not seen or hidden has a lot of influence on a system. So as systemic Team- and Organization coaches or consultants, we work with forces we can’t see directly.  

One question you might explore in this workshop is: What am I then for the client system? A wizzard, a healer, a leader coming from the future? And from which (inner) place do I work? 

The other part of this workshop is to get to know some systemic interventions at the whole of the team, maybe practice one or two and leave enriched and in astonishment. More likely with more questions then you came. Questions that are carrying you further. 

Dees van de Hoef and Jan Jacob Stam
Passionate founders of TeamConnect

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