The foundation of systemic phenomenological work

The Wounds of Colonialism and Slavery

Chandra de Vries & Barbara Hoogenboom

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Colonialism and slavery are wounds in societies and in people. Wounds that still deeply affect the foundations between people and in- and between systems, usually unseen and often even unconsciously. 

We cannot heal what is not seen, felt, and acknowledged. The time feels (more) right to address these issues much more openly. To make room for the hitherto invisible, which dares to become visible. 

During this workshop, Chandra and Barbara will openly address these wounds with each other and with the participants. Which silences want to be broken? And what voices heard? 

From a willingness to make mistakes and to hurt each other unintentionally, looking for the honesty and connection that can contribute to giving this history a place bit by bit. 

Do not expect solutions but dare to contribute to the exploration of this part of (y)our history. What does it take to get past your own feelings and opinions? Beyond repetition of very old patterns? 

How can I look at you with loving eyes, with your history, without being absorbed by my own wounds? Here the personal transgenerational aspects inevitably meet the social and relational aspects. 

This workshop is a loving call to confront ourselves with courage, openness, and seriousness with the impact of colonization on many of us… 

Chandra has roots in her background of both the ‘enslaved’ and plantation owners. Barbara is a typical Dutch ‘cheese head’. 

Are Chandra and Barbara up for it? They find it exciting and a bit frightening. So, they will bring their courage and vulnerability. 


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