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CourseSystem Dynamics in Organizations

System dynamics in organizations play an important role in the undercurrent. That can be a hindrance in all kinds of situations. For example, when there is resistance or fear in the organization. Or people are unable or unwilling to keep pace with changes in the team or organization.

The System Dynamics in Organizations program immerses you completely in systemic phenomenological work. You gain knowledge, experience and insight into the basic principles and dynamics in systems. You learn to feel systemic work, to integrate it into yourself and to take it with you to the world of organizational issues.

For whom?

The System Dynamics in Organizations course is aimed at people who are professionally involved with the functioning of systems in organizations, such as business owners,  managers, internal and external consultants, trainers, corporate social workers, and others who care about development in organizations and work situations.

Purpose of the training

The System Dynamics in Organizations course focuses on the three mechanisms, your facilitation skills and insight into organizational systems. Knowledge and experience about the principles and dynamics in systems is offered. You learn how to facilitate organizational systemic explorations and grow in your role as a systemic facilitator.

The focus in this course is not only to learn to faciltate constellations, but much attention is also paid to systemic work in organizations in a broader sense.

As systemic facilitator, you help organizations and the people within them grow. After completing this training, you will:

  • be able to look at organizations and networks through the systemic lens
  • be aware of the dynamics from your own background and the influence they have on your work or systemic facilitation
  • be able to use your senses (including awareness) as an instrument
  • be able to work from the systemic basic attitude from a clear own place
  • be able to facilitate systemic explorations in an organizational context, both live/presential and online
  • recognize common dynamics in teams, organizations and networks
  • translate systemic knowledge and insights into exploratory questions and interventions, so that organizations/employees can better do what they are intended for

Since this training will host participants from many different countries, it will provide an opportunity to learn and exchange in an international atmosphere. For the Dutch/Flemish there are a maximum of 20% of the places available.

Training program

The program will consist of 5 two-day online modules and one full week Intensive in our location in the Netherlands. Barbara Hoogenboom, together with Maaike van der Heiden, Petra van de Kop and other trainers of our institute will host this training.

Since we have gained so much experience in online systemic facilitation and training, we decided to redesign this edition from previous international editions. In this way we profit maximally from both online options and from a live setting.

If, due to covid-restrictions in June 2022, you cannot travel and do the Intensive-week in the Netherlands, you will have a partial refund.

Online Modules (10 days)

There will be 5 online modules, each module consists of two days.

Working hours will be 8 am-11 am and 12 am-3 pm (CET/CEST).

We will use the platform Zoom, plus the online constellation tools ‘SystemicVR’ and ‘Live’.

Module 1 (6-7 January 2022)
  • We will experience the three mechanisms through our ‘own system’. We believe that in doing this work and being an instrument to the client, it is necessary that you feel, sense and can take your own place in your family system.
  • The heart of systemic work are three mechanisms: the unit mechanism, the system mechanism and the evolutionary force. We will dive into these mechanisms from the personal family perspective.
  • Phenomenological awareness and sensing.
Module 2 (14-15 February 2022)
  • How do the three mechanisms work in organizational systems and how are they different from family systems?
  • Origin and History as entrypoint to uncover hidden dynamics.
  • Principles of order in organizations.
  • The four principles of ‘belonging, order, exchange and destination’ which are related to these dynamics.
  • Starting interview: the first step in systemic explorations.
Module 3 (14-15 March 2022)
  • Facilitating online constellation
  • How to read a constellation.
  • How to get and use information which will be acquired through the client, the representatives or the constellation.
  • More theory and exercises about recurring dynamics in organizations.
Module 4 (11-12 April 2022)
  • Systemic Consulting and coaching
  • How to work with a team, without constellations.
Module 5 (23-24 May 2022)
  • Organizational themes from systemic perspective, such as: family business, mergers, illness, etc. Themes to be decided depending on wishes in the group.
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Order Interventions

This online program of 10 days is a worthy and complete program.

If -only- for travel restrictions due to Covid you cannot make it to the Intensive in the Netherlands and/or if we are not allowed to work with presential groups in June 2022, we will offer one extra online two-day module for online integration and completion. And a refund is offered for the remainder of the days you cannot participate.

Intensive in the Netherlands (7 days, 16-22 June 2022)

So you gained quite a few skills online and got to know each other also quite well by now. The presential week at the Hellinger Institute in Groningen, the Netherlands, serves a couple of extra things:

  • You will learn how to facilitate constellations, with actual people present in the room; it is a different way of containing the space
  • We can work with guest clients who bring in their organizational issues
  • We will practice a few extra constellation formats
  • We will deepen our knowledge, finetune our phenomenological skills, learn by doing and by seeing others facilitate
  • Furthermore, we will cover the topic of trauma in organizations, and we will explore our own inner attitude by doing mini constellations.

We will have one day off, on the fourth day. A tourist tour will be hosted for the ones who would like to see more of the Netherlands.

Two evenings are available for constellations which are about personal related issues. The trainers of the institute will facilitate these constellations. The last day of the week is about integrating and closing.

Practice groups

We recommend that in between the online modules participants practice online. This means that participants will have to be organized in subgroups that will arrange their own online meetings. In those practice meetings exercises can be refined or repeated, and where you can practice systemic explorations. All participants will have free (personal) access to SystemicVR or Live (both are our preferred online constellation tools), which will be used during the whole international training.


After the registration, please send us an email, describing:

  • A brief motivation why you want to participate.
  • A short overview of your professional background and current work.
  • Your experience with constellation work so far (days of workshops, trainings in family or organizational constellations).

Shortly after we receive your motivation into this program, we will contact you to schedule a 1-to-1 Zoom meeting of 30 minutes with one of our trainers. This will enable us to meet you, to get to know you and to answer questions you might have.

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