Het fundament van systemisch fenomenologisch werk

WorkshopFreedom... (and its backdoor)

How can we look at freedom from a systemic point of view? This online workshop Freedom explores several systemic topics to answer this question.

In this online seminar we will travel through the three survival mechanisms that Bert Hellinger discovered. Individual exercises are on the menu, as well as small constellations, a meditation, Q&A, sharing in break out rooms etc. This seminar is part of a broader research. The harvest will be shared with you in due time in a video message.

For whom?

It is for anyone who is interested in this topic. For freedomhunters, for people who feel that their freedom has been taken away, for curious people, for curious systemic people, for hungry curious systemic people. You are all welcome in this ‘inspiriment’.

Goal of the training

As social psychologist Erich Fromm says: ‘Every human being is longing for freedom and is afraid of freedom’. So what (or maybe who) do we see when we look into the eyes of freedom? What do I lose in wanting it? Do I belong more or less in ‘having’ it? Can you ‘have’ it? Is there a real distinction between liberty and freedom, like the dictionary tells us? And a strange question maybe: how long can freedom, from systemic perspective, last?  So many questions, no answers yet.

This seminar is part of a broader research. There will be two international online laboratories, a workshop in the Netherlands, four online personal systemic coaching sessions. Plus we will interview several systemic Masters to find answers.

Meetings during Covid-19 pandemic

The Bert Hellinger Institute is doing everything it can to follow government guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as best as possible. We always work as much as possible in accordance with the latest known guidelines and possibilities. When Covid regulations do not allow to have this presential training, we will cancel it. If we are allowed to do the training, but you are not allowed to travel, we will refund you.

Practical information

Payment in installments is possible without additional costs. To plan regarding payment in installments, you can contact the administration via info@hellingerinstituut.nl.

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Over het Bert Hellinger Instituut

Mensen zijn altijd in ontwikkeling. Met elkaar, zonder elkaar. In families, in teams, in organisaties. Het systemisch denken maakt ons bewust van het waarom van ons zijn en doen. Met organisatieopstellingen en familieopstellingen ontstaat ruimte voor beweging. Het BHI geeft opleidingen, workshops en trainingen op het gebied van systemisch werk, opstellingen, leiderschap en coachen. Zo dragen wij bij aan de ontwikkeling van mens, organisatie en maatschappij.

Voor aanstormende en gevestigde leiders. Een initiatief van het Bert Hellinger Instituut.