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3 February 2022| Personal

No turning back

In 2009, my journey into the systemic field began with a year-long course in family constellations. After that, I gave many constellation workshops and facilitated people with systemic interventions. As more and more organizational questions came my way, I wanted to become more proficient in tackling them. That’s how I ended up at the Bert Hellinger Institute The Netherlands in 2012, at the System Dynamics in Organizations program. One thing became immediately clear to: there was no turning back. This is where I wanted to continue to nurture and educate myself. 

After the program, I started the System Lab together with Barbara Hoogenboom, my training buddy, and we moved into the organizational and family field. The Bert Hellinger Institute The Netherlands remained a source and a kind of base camp, where Barbara and I always came back to and did all the programs. We also attended Bert Hellinger’s own courses several times. In 2015, Barbara became co-owner and I became an affiliate trainer, and now 7 years later I am committing as a co-owner.    

What am I committing to now? To the institute? To the people who work there? To the work we do?  To the source or the source behind the source? Who am I and who are we as co-owners and who are the systemic owners?

For me, it is so palpable that systemic work, which wants to flow through people, organizations and communities, is the systemic owner of the Bert Hellinger Institute. And that needs a form, an organization, to carry on the movement that has been started through the institute by Jan Jacob Stam and Bibi Schreuder to future generations. I was already connected to the source and the work, and now I am also connecting myself to the institute that comprises all of this. I am happy to contribute to this fine institute, the organization, to bring systemic work to the lives of other people, organizations and communities.


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