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Jochen Beyer

Is trainer, facilitator and coach at the Bert Hellinger Instituut Nederland

2 February 2022| Personal

The knowing awakens

During the relatively short time (since mid-2016) that I have been doing systemic work, I have noticed, or rather, I have started to realise, that this is the field in which I want to develop further, a field I want to develop further and a field I want to propagate. Let me put it this way: it grabbed me.

After the Systemic Coaching with Horses program with Ruud Knaapen, I was hooked when I attended my first course at the Bert Hellinger Institute The Netherlands in 2018: the international version of System Dynamics in Organizations (SDOi). At the time, this program was taught by Jan Jacob, Bibi and Barbara, the (then) three owners of the institute. I think it was pretty much the last night of the program. As I was talking to a fellow student, out of the corner of my eye, I saw that the three of them were also talking. At some point, Jan Jacob stood up, walked over to me and sat down next to me. He said to me: “Jochen, if you ever consider doing systemic work, please let us know, you are very welcome to join us. Oh yes, and if you want to, you’ll have to talk to Barbara about the practical arrangements; after all, she is our director.” Well, it didn’t take long; I called Barbara the next day. 

“I’d love to join you!”, were my words. 

Together, we drew up a plan on how it could best work in practice. It came down to me taking a number of important courses, including Master of Organizational Constellations, the Short Training in Family Constellations, the Train the Trainer program (The Seed & the Fruit), etc.; some even at the same time. In addition, I attended the programs of other trainers and clocked up ‘flying hours’. Time just flew by. I loved immersing myself completely in systemic work. What was really cool was that I was also offered (and grabbed) the opportunity to translate Bert Hellinger’s latest book (Mein Leben, Mein Werk) from German into Dutch. I got support from, in particular, Jan Jacob. For the first time, my German background came in really handy.   

Early 2019, it was time to quit my regular job and focus entirely on my own business and on systemic work, as an affiliated trainer with the Bert Hellinger Institute The Netherlands. After the summer, Barbara came up with the idea and desire to continue the BHIN with the new generation, and open it up to multiple owners. Of course, we also slept on that idea (one night, maybe even two). My conclusion was and still is: Yes! I really want to put my shoulder to the wheel. This is a responsibility I would like to take and share. This is what I would like to commit to. 

What has always touched me very much, is how much trust and how much recognition I have received from the very first moment I arrived here. Especially to be myself, to bring my entire background, my talents, my abilities and also my ‘in-abilities’. Everything is allowed to be there, the way it is, the way I am. That makes me very grateful. I am therefore very proud to be co-owner of this beautiful institute and to be able to carry on this beautiful work into the future.

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