The foundation of systemic phenomenological work


Petra van de Kop

Is adviseur, coach, procesbegeleider and trainer at the Bert Hellinger Instituut.

3 February 2022| Personal

Systemic work and the Bert Hellinger Institute find me

It is early 2010. I am in a constellation for the first time and am overwhelmed to suddenly have access to a ‘so much greater knowing’. Beyond language, beyond words, new and yet so familiar. “I want more of this,” I think in a split second. Not realising that such a wish can be granted…

It is 2014. Jan Jacob Stam invites Barbara Hoogenboom, Henry Weessies, Ria Allewijn, Siets Bakker, Yvonne Lonis and me to edit the annual magazine of the Bert Hellinger Institute. What connects this ‘gang of six’ is that we want to further flesh out systemic phenomenological work and generate more awareness about it in the world of organizations and everyday life. We enjoy producing the magazine ‘Systemic Work is Everywhere’. 

And then, in the summer of 2017, the phone rings. Siebke Kaat invites me to join her in developing and teaching the new course Systemic Consultancy at the Bert Hellinger Institute. My heart makes a little jump and I can still hear myself saying “Yes”, immediately followed by: “if there is room to learn.” And that room was there. 

Learning, discovering, pioneering, exploring, sharing and disseminating is the core of this institute. And I love that! I am curious about new issues every time, love exploring them together, using my awareness, contributing to awakening systemic consciousness, making things real and spreading systemic work. I have done so in recent years as an affiliated trainer, consultant, coach and systemic researcher. 

When Barbara asks me to join the partnership in the fall of 2021, again I realise: systemic work and this institute find me. With all that I am and do already, I am now becoming part of this partnership and I am committing myself to the institute as a co-owner. I am looking forward to contributing to the further development of the institute and the development of systemic thinking. Of course, along with all the people who make up this institute! 


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